Call for NGOs and CSOs: Submission of Proposals for budgets under USD 250,000 for the project “The impact of corruption on women in Latin America and the Caribbean”

Deadline: September 18th, 2018

Date: Thursday, September 6, 2018

UN Women Regional Office for the Americas and the Caribbean invites non-governmental organizations / academic / civil society institutions with legal constitution to present proposals to act as a responsible party in the implementation of the project: The Impact of Corruption on Women in Latin America and the Caribbean.


In Latin America and the Caribbean understanding the complex relationship between gender and corruption is an essential step towards furthering women’s rights and eventually levelling the playing field between women and men. In the region, corruption affects women and men differently and hits the poor and vulnerable groups the hardest, especially women, who represent a higher share of the region’s poor. Corruption also hinders progress towards gender equality and presents a barrier for women to gain full access to their economic, social and political rights. Moreover, corruption and criminal networks rooted at all levels of state and in some cases they’re a tool of political control, which limits women’s access to decision making positions. 


In order to better identify links between these dimensions, more disaggregated data are required, as well as a deep analysis of the relationship between gender and corruption. This projects aims to collect disaggregated data on the perception of corruption in Latin America, as well as investigate the differential impact that corruption has on women, with the aim of creating a better understanding of the problem, for better targeting of anticorruption programmes and designing more effective gender and anti-corruption policies.


The offer is aimed at NGOs and foundations with extensive experience in Latin America, focused on the fight against corruption to stop the abuse of power and to build a more inclusive, fair and safe society. The entity must have extensive knowledge of the regional political context and experience in working with LAC governments.


The call is open between September 4th and September 18th of 2018, with closing at 23:00.


The responsible party will comply with all the products and results described in the Terms of Reference.


The call consists of the following sections and annexes:


• Component 1: Organizational background and capacity to implement activities to achieve planned results

• Component 2: Expected results and indicators

• Component 3: Description of the technical approach and activities

• Component 4: Implementation Plan

• Component 5: Risks to successful implementation

• Component 6: Results-Based Budget 


Download the sections here.


The proponent must carefully review the information of the 4 sections and integrate an application that contains the following filled-in annexes:



Submission for proposals:  

Deadline: September 18th. Incomplete proposals will not be considered.