In focus: World Refugee Day

Mujeres Venezolanas encontraron en Brasil un hogar y el apoyo de ONU Mujeres y el Fondo central de las Naciones Unidas para la respuesta a emergencias
Photo: UN Women/Fellipe Abreu

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There are 25.4 million refugees around the world today, and nearly half are women and girls. On 20 June, World Refugee Day, we are honouring the resilience and determination of refugees worldwide.

As women and girls are displaced, many protections and essential services break down, leaving them vulnerable to specific risks. For instance, they face heightened discrimination and violence at a time when support services are lacking and their burden of care work at home, such as providing food and water, and caring for the sick and the old, increase.

UN Women is working with refugee populations to provide long-term solutions that protect women’s and girls’ rights, provide opportunities for growth and employment, and maintain their dignity.

In Bangladesh, a Rohingya women’s group contributes to camp management meetings to ensure the needs of women and girls are considered in decision-making. In Jordan, Syrian refugee women participate in cash-for-work programmes and start businesses within camp settings. And in Cameroon, UN Women helps refugee women get new skills and stand on their own feet.

The experience of refuge and migration can be completely different for women and men. On World Refugee Day, learn about the reality of Venezuelan women in situations of migration, asylum and refuge who found a new home in Brazil and had the support of UN Women and the United Nations Central Emergency Respond Fund (CERF), in the #OperacaoAcolhida (Wellcome Operation).


On World Refugee Day share these stories of resilience and join UNHCR’s #StepWithRefugees movement by covering one billion miles in 12 months, the same number of miles that refugees worldwide travel each year to reach the nearest point of safety.

Photo essay: Displacement and resilience—Five women, five stories

Kuda Mariam tends to her newly-planted garlic crop, north of Maroua. Photo: UN Women/Ryan Brown
Photo: UN Women/Ryan Brown

Join us for a journey into the Far North Region of Cameroon to meet five women who have traversed immense tragedies and emerged as resilient leaders, survivors and entrepreneurs. Read more►

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Video: A Syrian refugee in Lebanon

On World Refugee Day, step into the world of urban refugees, and follow one family as they navigate their new reality after a harrowing flight from Syria.

Show your solidarity #WithRefugees on social media

Use #StepWithRefugees to join the World Refugee Day global challenge by posting a photo or video on how you’re showing your support for people who were forced to flee their homes to escape violence and persecution.

Join us in demanding policies that can ensure safety and dignity for displaced women and girls by sharing #WorldRefugeeDay content that you can find in our social media package.

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