Corporate evaluations

UN Women’s Independent Evaluation Service contributes to the oversight of UN Women’s work through its programme of evaluations, notably its series of corporate evaluations. These provide impartial, independent overviews of key areas of UN Women’s work with a view to promoting accountability, learning and performance improvement. The reports of these evaluations are all published, contributing to UN Women’s transparency and accountability as well as to global knowledge.

The Corporate Evaluation Plan, which was approved by the Executive Director and presented to the Executive Board, outlines the corporate evaluations to be managed by the Independent Evaluation Office in the period 2018–2021. The purpose of the plan is to provide a coherent framework within which useful evaluation evidence is generated systematically on the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and, as far as possible, impact and sustainability, of work under the UN Women Strategic Plan. The eventual goal of these evaluations is to support UN Women’s mission and help the organization better achieve gender equality and women empowerment.

As of today, the following corporate evaluations have been managed by the Independent Evaluation Service: