Political Women: planting more democracy more equity

NIMD Honduras

This document has the purpose to frame the experience of the Academy of Candidates "Political Women: planting more democracy more equity" training space sponsored jointly with NGO'S and State institutions.

The Candidates Academy has sought to contribute to uphold the spirit that has animated their struggles for women-and a good number of men with them-providing candidates for elected office knowledge and useful tools for policy-making, both outside and within the campaign period. In a joint and exemplary effort, the National Democratic Institute (NDI), the National Institute for Women (INAM), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), International IDEA, UN Women and the Netherlands Institute for Democracy effort Multiparty (NIMD) joined wills and resources to realize an initiative whose results were so remarkable that it was worth remarkable that it was worth disseminating the experience.

This systematization recounts the essence of the educational experience conducted in six regions of the country during 2013, mainly.

Languages Available: Spanish

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