Participation of UN Women regional meeting Habitat III

Date: Friday, April 29, 2016

The Latin American and Carribean region preparatory meeting for Habitat III took place in Toluca, Mexico fromm the 18th-20th April. On behalf of UN Women the delegation that attended the meeting included Moni Pizani, Representative of Ecuador, Ana Güezme Representative of Mexico and Yeliz Osman.

Together with other agencies of the UN system, UN Women participated in the Advisory Board responsible for reviewing and revising the Toluca Declaration drafted by the Habitat Secretariat and the Mexican Government in consultation with LAC region member states. The declaration will represent the priorities of the region in the New Urban Agenda and their position in relation to Habitat III. The Advisory Board included representatives from member states in the LAC region; representatives of the UN system and Civil Society organizations including NGOs that UN Women works with Mildred Crawford from the Jamaican Network of Rural Women Producers, Huairou Commission and Equidad de Género, Ciudadanía, Trabajo y Familia.

The Advisory Committee was composed of representatives of the governments of the countries of the region; UN representatives and civil society organizations among which were some that work with UN Women and Gender Equality, Citizenship, Work and Family; Mildred Crawford Jamaican Network of Rural Women Producers and Huairou Commission.

UN Women worked very closely with civil society organizations involved and able to incorporate proposals and commitments on gender equality and empowerment of women.

In the statement it is worth noting the following topics:

  • Guarantee that the New Urban Agenda is built within a focus of human rights and gender equality, where the priority is the equity and sustainability of human settlements as a medium for the full development of all.
  • Build and adapt cities within a gender perspective that allow and promote the human rights and empowerment of women of all ages in the development, decision-making, and enjoyment of the city and its public spaces including prevention of all types of violence against women and girls -- in order for them to enjoy a safe and respectful environment, free of violence, and to exercise their rights in a free and full manner, to achieve their development and ensure the conditions for economic, occupational, political, and social equality.
  • Promote inclusive economies that ensure decent and sustainable ways of life and work for all people,
  • Promote planning model that incorporate the gender perspective.
  • Accelerate cities’ transition towards inclusive and equitable models of sustainable mobility that respond to the different necessities of accessibility of people, recognizing the requirements of mobility of women and men.

The Toluca Declartion for Habitat III (Link)