UN Women provides tools to teachers to strengthen self-esteem in girls and young women

Through virtual meetings held in the context of the pandemic by COVID-19, teachers from different communities in Chile came together to address issues such as gender equality and leadership in adolescents and girls

Date: Thursday, July 2, 2020

Rodolfo Gárate /ONU Mujeres
Photo: UN Women/Rodolfo Gárate 

Challenging stereotypes through education and providing tools to strengthen the self-esteem of adolescents and girls in educational institutions is the main objective behind the webinar series developed by the UN Women's Programme for Self-Esteem, which is supported by Unilever through its Dove brand.

A teacher's manual, didactic material for children, presentations, suggested work videos and a complementary methodological note are part of the inputs provided for the development of an online work session with students.

María Inés Salamanca, UN Women’s coordinator in Chile, pointed out that "schools are one of the main spaces for the socialization of adolescents and girls, so inviting teachers to be part of the Self-Esteem Programme community is fundamental for us to increase our commitment to strengthening self-esteem, challenging gender stereotypes, and reflecting on inclusion, equality and respect, among many other fundamental aspects to achieve this objective.

Over 50 teachers have already participated in the dialogue, and have received insights as to how to implement this programme in their classrooms. The emphasis was on highlighting the role of teachers in developing self-esteem at the school level, where the first social relations are generated, as well as the application of skills such as respect, tolerance, and equality.

"I really like the approach they are giving to this workshop; it is the first time I have participated. It is everyone's obligation to promote self-esteem, not an individual task. It is part of my job to approach and give confidence to those girls who are shy and never speak up. So, it's worth working on strengthening self-esteem so that it can really take off," said Lorena, a teacher at Alto Hospicio, one of the participants in this webinar.

UN Women has developed this space to work with teachers in raising awareness about the importance of gender equality and how it relates to strengthening the self-esteem, leadership and self-confidence of adolescents and girls.