M, Mujeres que suenan: a podcast with the voices of female latin musicians

Argentine singer and songwriter Nathy Peluso kicks off the season with reflections on her experience of being a woman in the music industry, anecdotes and stories that have marked her career.

Date: Wednesday, April 14, 2021

M Mujeres que suenan podcast sobre música y feminismo

As part of UN Women's Generation Equality campaign, a new season of the podcast M, Mujeres que suenan has just been launched. It is a series of conversations that record the stories, talent and perspective of female musicians from around the world, with an emphasis on Latin America and the Caribbean.

Through 12 episodes, Martina Orrego, journalist, and radio host, manages to generate an intimate, lively, and entertaining space where each artist talks about her career, style, and musical evolution, in addition to talking about feminism, gender-based violence and new ways of understanding the world.

"25 years after the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action - the most ambitious programme for the empowerment of women and girls worldwide - and in the framework of the Generation Equality campaign that UN Women promotes on a global scale, this type of initiative allows us to continue promoting and amplifying the voices of outstanding women on stage and off. For UN Women, art has a transformative power for societies. Through music, art and culture, women have dealt with complex and painful issues in the region with great sensitivity, turning these expressions into calls to action on women's rights," said María Noel Vaeza, UN Women Regional Director for the Americas and the Caribbean.

The first episode of this second season starring Nathy Peluso, Argentine singer and performer of the hits "Delito", "Corashe" and "Alabame", who spoke about her career and her experiences as a woman in the music industry. "We are always being diminished and judged by boring and outdated standards. But we are here to continue contributing with music so that the narrative can change," she said.

The second chapter will feature the participation of Vivir Quintana, Mexican musician and activist, a reference for the women's movement in Latin America, through her creation "Canción sin miedo", which became the anthem of the fight against femicides. Among the new guest artists will be the Puerto Rican ILe, who stood out for her time in the musical group Calle 13, Ximena Sariñana, Mexican singer nominated for the Grammy Awards, the outstanding Argentine rapper Cazzu, and the Spanish singer Lola Indigo, among others.

The episodes are released every week, through the M Mujeres que suenan account on Spotify. Access here.