Dropout and second chance education with a gender perspective in Chile: Methodology, good practices, and recommendations.

External Consultants: Gabriela Sánchez and Andrea López / UN Women Technical Support: María Inés Salamanca, Javiera Vergara, Maricel Sauterel, Fanny Peralta, Valeria Moraga, Sofia Gallardo.

This document, prepared by UN Women, is a synthesis of a study that presents evidence on school exclusion in Chile and Second Chance Education with a gender perspective. It analyzes both the factors that generate school exclusion in Chile and the possible consequences for children and adolescents (NNA) who are marginalized from the system, also considering the specific problems that contribute to the educational exclusion of women. The offer of second chance programs available in Chile is reviewed. Although this study was prepared before the COVID-19 crisis had a strong impact on the country, it was updated in response to the reality and impact of the pandemic in terms of school dropout and the measures that have been taken to prevent school dropout during this period are presented. Then, a selection of good practices and programs around the world that have a positive impact on people in second chance programs are shown. The policy recommendations for gender-sensitive second-chance education are arranged in eight dimensions according to both good practices and the opinions of the experts interviewed during the study.

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