Strategic Guide: "Political empowerment of women: framework for strategic action in Latin America and the Caribbean (2014-2017)

UN Women Office for the Americas and the Caribbean / By: Irune Aguirrezabal, Regional Advisor for Political Participation (UN Women).

The strategic guide: "Political empowerment of women: framework for strategic action in Latin America and the Caribbean (2014-2017)", was designed to stimulate the progress of the region towards parity democracy, as a means to transform gender relations and to promote and implement women's rights in order to ensure their full political participation on equal terms with men.

This guide enumerates the normative progress in both the international and regional legal framework, and emphasizes the need to ensure recognition, security and protection of all rights by the States. It addresses the importance of the participation of women in politics and analyzes the structural causes that act as barriers to the full exercise of political rights of women.

On the other hand, it also provides a framework for action identified in five strategic objectives, to move towards parity democracy and empowerment of women. These are: promoting parity democracy through affirmative action; the integration of a gender perspective in policies, actions and institutions; strengthening women's leadership through training and the creation of women's networks; encouraging substantive equality in political parties; and elimination of discrimination and gender stereotypes in all areas.

This guide intends to add synergies and efforts of all stakeholders in the region, at all levels, to carry out the a profound transformations and thus, achieve political empowerment of women in Latin America and the Caribbean.



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