Mapping and Analysis of Gender Programs, Social Protection, and Social Security System in Dominican Republic

UN Women, UNDP, ILO, Dominican Vice presidency

This publication is a mapping of Dominican Republic’s security and social programs, with a gender analysis, that uses the Basic Social Protection Floor, established by the United Nations, as a reference.

The concept of Social Protection Floor is based on the principle of social justice and the right of all people (particularly children, pregnant women, the elderly and people with disabilities) to social security and access to an income that allows them to have a standard of living, adequate for their health and welfare, and that of their families.

The document is a systematization of the legal framework and programs related to the security system and social protection in the country, while the main gender gaps are identified, with special focus on labor market data, and highlights on the progress and remaining challenges to eliminate gender discrimination and ensure the human rights of people throughout their life cycle challenges.

The document is structured into three main parts:

  1. Conceptual framework of social protection floor and gender equality;
  2. Report of the mapping and gender analysis based on the Dominican Social Security System and the different social protection programs;
  3. Tools for data collection excerpted from the reference methodology of the sub regional study: “Fighting inequality from the basics: Social protection and gender equality floor”.

Version available: English / Spanish

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