Lesbian Visibility Day

The freedom to be who you are and love whom you choose is a fundamental human right


Women March
Photo: UN Women / Martin Jaramillo Serrano

On April 26, in various parts of the world, the Day of Lesbian Visibility is commemorated, a call for the construction of more inclusive societies throughout the region and the protection of human rights, without discrimination.

Discriminatory stereotypes, cultural norms and attitudes that normalize and trivialize violence against women and girls continue to prevail throughout the world. Lesbian women are a group that suffers double discrimination, the first because of its gender and the second because of the stigma associated with their sexual orientation. 

All people have the same right not to be subjected to violence, persecution, discrimination and stigmatization. International Human Rights laws establish legal obligations for States to ensure that all persons, without distinction, can enjoy such rights.

Human Rights are universal - cultural, religious, moral or social practices and beliefs can not justify human rights violations against any group or person.

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