Women's Financial Inclusion. Keys to a transformative post-COVID-19 economic recovery in Latin America and the Caribbean

Cecilia Lazarte

This document addresses the impacts of the COVID-19 health crisis on women, particularly considering they are not included equally in the financial sector. It highlights how women’s levels of financial inclusion in the region were, and continue to be, a vulnerability factor that is hindering their economic autonomy and the post-COVID-19 recovery.

It shares a series of initiatives implemented in different sectors to cushion the impact of the pandemic on women’s financial health and points to the multiple challenges we must still overcome. Bearing in mind the need to build women’s financial health as a key objective, the document issues a series of recommendations for governments to collaborate with financial institutions and stakeholders from the productive sector to develop a financial inclusion agenda to bridge women’s financial participation gap in the financial sector and translate their participation into tangible benefits for their lives and businesses.

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