UN Women promotes political participation in Guatemala

Date: Friday, August 7, 2015


In the context of the upcoming 2015 electoral process in Guatemala, and to promote the participation of women, UN Women – in coordination with The Netherlands Institute for Multi-parity Democracy, USAID, AECID, the Guatemalan Federation of Radio Schools, and the Political Organization of Mayan Women MOLOJ – launched the awareness campaign “Register, Vote and Participate”.

This campaign was conceived to make visible the current situation and condition of women in Guatemala in regards to their political participation and representation at all levels, and was developed to promote the registration of women on the electoral roll and their active participation during the voting process.

The campaign includes radio initiatives that will be disseminated during each electoral phase in Spanish and seven official Mayan languages (Mam, Tzutujil, Ixil, Queqchi, Kiche, Kanjobal and Kaqchikel). It also includes printed material in the form of infographics and other audiovisual information to reach out the most amount of women in the country.

Additionally, the organization “Convergencia Ciudadana” will develop training sessions for female candidates to strengthen their skills and to help them to effectively involve their constituents to formulate action plans and legislative agendas in favor of women and girls.

With this campaign, UN Women and its partners hope to promote the female vote and registration, to increase the number of women elected and the development of proposals for women by women candidates and elected. 

Watch the video (in Spanish).