Caminando: a project promoting gender equality and women's empowerment in humanitarian action in Ecuador's borders


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Photo: UN Women / Johis Alarcón


In Ecuador, in response to the migration and human mobility crisis, mechanisms and actions for reception, protection and humanitarian assistance have been implemented, especially aimed at women and girls who cross the border and who are at specific risks, such as being victims of gender-based violence, sexual violence, forced prostitution, human trafficking or sexual exploitation.   

Since 2019, through the Caminando project, UN Women seeks to empower migrant, refugee and women in host communities to fully exercise their right to live a life free of violence.  

The project is funded by the Migrant and Refugee Population Fund of the U.S. Department of State and seeks to expand access to quality multi-sectoral responses for survivors that include livelihood generation, improving the multi-sectoral response to women in situations of human mobility in terms of shelter, reception and access to protection in cases of gender-based violence.

Photo: UN Women / Johis Alarcón

The committed work of each of the people who are part of this project has been able to promote and raise awareness among humanitarian actors, public sector officials, private enterprise, academia, women and men participating in the project and other relevant actors on issues of labor and economic rights of women in a situation of human mobility, as well as implement actions to strengthen women leaders and women's organizations to respond to emergency situations such as the current migration process.   

For this reason, on World Humanitarian Day, we acknowledge the voices of the people who are part of this team to share, in a more personal way and from their perspective, the actions carried out by the project in each of the provinces and what it has meant in their lives to be able to help others in the most extreme circumstances through humanitarian action with a gender approach. 



On World Humanitarian Day, as humanitarian needs globally have reached an all-time high, we salute and honour humanitarians’ life-saving work. They save and protect lives and ensure access to essential resources including food, shelter and health services. (Read More


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