Intergenerational Peacebuilding Month



Peacebuilding and social cohesion with an intergenerational perspective are fundamental issues relevant to our work. 

In August and September, UN Women makes good practices in the Latin American and Caribbean region visible through Intergenerational Peacebuilding Month and highlights the fundamental role of activists who lead peacebuilding and social cohesion, bringing together the voices of young women and historical activists.  

During this month, we observe important dates such as International Youth Day (August 12), Humanitarian Day (August 19), Democracy Day (September 15), and the International Day of Peace (September 21). All these commemorations are united by a common thread aligned with the spirit of the Generation Equality Forum and, in particular, with the objectives of the Global Compact on Women, Peace, Security, and Humanitarian Action.   

On this occasion, we will highlight the importance of strengthening the articulated work between the Youth, Peace and Security and Women, Peace, and Security agendas, promoting intergenerational dialogue, the exchange of learning, and the development of innovative ideas to accelerate the implementation of the agendas.  

This initiative arises in response to the recognition of the essential role of youth in building peaceful and inclusive societies, as stated in UNSC Resolutions 2250, 2419 and 2535; as well as the positive impact of the significant participation of women in all areas and levels of conflict prevention, resolution and transformation and peacebuilding, as recognized in UNSC Resolution 1325 and the nine subsequent resolutions that make up the Women, Peace and Security agenda.